Google Search Generative Engine Newest Feature by Google

Google Search Generative Engine Newest Feature by Google
December 5, 2023 Ananta Abigail
google search generative engine

Google constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation, and one of its latest search engine features is Google Search Generative Experience (SGE). This is proof of Google’s commitment to enhancing user interactions.

This experimental addition to Google’s as the biggest search engine in the world is hosted under the Search Labs initiative. This feature is expected to bring a new dimension to the search experience through the power of generative AI.

Brief Explanation of Google Search Generative Experience

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is a cutting-edge addition to the tech giant’s search engine technology hosted under the Search Labs. According to Yoast, this innovative feature is powered by advanced generative AI and aims to redefine the way we interact with search engines.

To understand it easily, you can imagine SGE as your virtual guide, not just presenting information but actively engaging with your queries. Unlike traditional search experiences, SGE goes beyond being a passive receiver of information. Moreover, it transforms searches into interactive and personalized encounters.

At its core, SGE utilizes generative AI, a sophisticated form of artificial intelligence capable of creating content dynamically. This powerful tool is designed to provide concise and quick overviews of search topics, offering a new dimension to the search experience.

By experimenting with SGE, Google is testing new ways to empower users and allowing them to accomplish more directly from the search interface. This translates to a more immersive and engaging search adventure, where users can not only seek information but also interact with AI-generated content.

To put it simply, SGE represents a shift from the conventional search model to a more interactive, dynamic, and user-centric experience. As Google continues to refine and expand this feature, users are encouraged to explore the potential of SGE and actively contribute to its evolution through feedback within the Search Labs.

Features of SGE

The Google Search Generative Experience is not just another search tool. since it is a multifaceted platform introducing a range of features that redefine the way users interact with search results. As quoted from Google, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Journal, here are some of its outstanding features:

Image Creation

feature sge

One standout feature of SGE is its ability to generate images dynamically. Users can now request SGE to “draw a picture of” something, and it responds with four samples, similar to other AI image generation tools.

Whether you’re seeking artistic inspiration or need visual representations for a project, SGE’s image creation feature offers a convenient and creative solution. The process is also very simple.

You only have to ask SGE to “draw a picture of,” and it provides you with four image samples. You can click on an image to further edit or download it. This feature opens up possibilities for users to visually enhance their search experience.

Follow-up Question

sge newest feature

Next, Google Search Generative Experience is now more interactive with its follow-up question feature. Users can ask additional questions directly from the search results, allowing for a more in-depth exploration of topics.

For instance, if your initial search was about “minimalist Halloween table settings,” you can seamlessly follow up with a question like “How about spooky dog house ideas?”. This interactive aspect adds depth and personalization to the search experience.

Multiple Meanings

multiple meanings by sge

Understanding the nuances of language, SGE also addresses the challenge of multiple meanings. When translating a phrase that has multiple interpretations, SGE provides users with the option to select the intended meaning.

For example, translating “Is there a tie?” to Spanish may pose a challenge, as “tie” could refer to a draw or a necktie. But don’t worry, because now SGE allows users to choose the context, ensuring more accurate translations. This not only enhances language-related searches but also contributes to cross-cultural understanding.


Beyond these highlighted features, SGE continually evolves to meet users’ diverse needs. The platform’s expansion to over 120 countries and introduction of interactive upgrades, such as clarified word meanings in translations and highlighted definitions for specialized terms.

It showcases Google’s commitment to improving and adapting SGE for a global audience. According to Google Blog, as users engage with SGE, providing feedback within Search Labs becomes crucial. Google values user input to refine and enhance the features of SGE, making it a collaborative effort between the tech and its users.

How to Enjoy SGE Features

So, how to use Google Search Generative Experience features and enhance our search experience? Well, it is actually very simple. You can follow this guide compiled from Yoast and Search Engine Land:

Opting into SGE

Before diving into the plethora of features, ensure that you have opted into the Search Generative Experience first. This experimental addition to Google’s search functionalities is hosted under Search Labs. To do this, follow these simple steps:

Acces Search Labs: Make sure you have a personal Google account and access Google Search. Using Chrome browser, navigate to Search Labs.

Opt into SGE: Within Search Labs, look for the option to opt into the Search Generative Experience. Keep in mind that SGE is an experimental feature, so availability may vary. If accessible, click on the option to enable it.

Performing a Search

Once you’ve successfully opted into Google Search Generative Experience, the next step is to perform a search. This process remains as straightforward as any typical Google search. Just type your query into the search bar and hit enter, then click on the grey button to access AI-powered results.

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Reviewing AI-Powered Results

At the top of the search results page, you’ll notice an AI-powered overview related to your query. This overview shows key information and insights, allowing you to get the main points of the topic directly.

It means you don’t need to click on individual search results. You’ll also find external sources integrated for a more comprehensive view.

Exploring Further

While the AI-powered overview provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the topic, you may still explore more by scrolling through the search results below the overview to find additional information, articles, websites, or resources related to your query.

Asking Follow-up Questions

As mentioned before, Google Search Generative Experience introduces an interactive element that goes beyond traditional searches. You can ask follow-up questions directly from the search results, enabling a more conversational and exploratory search experience.

For example, if your initial search was about “romantic date ideas for Valentine’s Day,” you can follow up with a question like “How about cooking dinner together?”.

Providing Feedback

As an experimental feature, user feedback is welcomed to improve SGE. If you encounter issues, want to give suggestions, or would like to share your experience, go to the feedback section in Search Labs.

It will help refine and enhance SGE, as Google regularly updates improvements and new features based the feedback and advancements from users.

Google Wants to Indulge the Readers

what google wants

As Google continues to refine and expand SGE, you can maximize the features more. The interactive and dynamic nature of SGE caters to a digital-savvy audience, particularly those aged 18-24, who appreciate a blend of interactivity and information richness.

Google’s primary objective and intention with SGE is to indulge readers in a more dynamic and interactive search experience. Google aims to transform the search experience from being a passive act of receiving information to an engaging and interactive process.

This feature also incorporates user-generated content, including customer reviews and business profiles, into search results. It means users can get a more tailored and comprehensive search experience.

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