Instagram’s Bluetick Verification Subscription Dilemma

Instagram’s Bluetick Verification Subscription Dilemma
August 24, 2023 Tommy Fabianus
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Instagram’s Subscription Dilemma on Verified Companies and Influencers.

Instagram recently changed the way its Blue Tick Verification system works, making it possible for users to pay a subscription fee to get the desired blue tick. This change will have significant effects on both confirmed companies and influencers since the blue tick will no longer be as exclusive or high-status as it used to be.

Effects on Existing Verified Companies

1. Prestige Diminished:

The shift has sparked concern among existing verified companies, as the exclusive status they worked hard to achieve could lose its prestige. Companies that earned their verification by meeting strict criteria might feel like their hard work has been taken advantage of.

2. Problems with credibility:

Now that verification can be bought, it could be hard to trust already confirmed companies. Some users might see verification as more of a deal than a sign that something is real.

3. Competition Could Get Tougher:

The new model could lead to a flood of confirmed accounts, making it harder to stand out and get noticed. Verified companies that have been around for a while might find it harder to stand out as the number of blue tick accounts grows.

4. Misuse and Spam:

Now that identification is open to more people, there are worries about spam accounts and people who want to trick the system. This could lead to more confirmed accounts that aren’t trustworthy.

Effects on Existing Influencers

1. Influence Erosion:

Influencers who have worked hard to get verified could see their perceived influence go down as the blue tick becomes less exclusive.

2. Impact on Authenticity:

The authenticity and credibility verified influencers have worked hard to build could take a hit, and their fans might question whether or not their content and suggestions are real.

3. Changes in Value Metrics:

As verification becomes less critical, brands may look at other metrics, such as engagement rates and customer demographics, when choosing influencers to work with.

4. Monetization Challenges:

Influencers who made money off being verified may run into problems as the value of being verified decreases.

Overall Effects of the Platform

1. Revenue Generation:

Instagram’s choice to charge for verification has led to a large source of revenue in the form of subscription fees. This new money could be used to improve how users interact with the site, fight spam, and add new features.

2. User Perception Shift:

As the blue tick becomes less exclusive, the platform’s image as a place for real engagement and trustworthy information could be hurt.

3. Algorithm and User Experience Adjustments:

As more verified accounts join Instagram, the algorithm might need to change to keep users’ feeds from getting too crowded.

4. Impact on User Engagement:

If getting verified is easy, more users might actively try to get verified, which would increase engagement on the site as a whole.

In a Nutshell

Instagram’s choice to make Blue Tick Verification a paid service has changed the way the platform works and caused users, companies, and influencers to react in different ways. Even though the move makes money and brings in more people looking for proof, it also calls into question the authenticity and value of the blue tick. As the social media landscape continues to change, we have yet to determine the long-term effects on user engagement, platform perception, and the landscape of people who have much impact.

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