Single Page Website, Is It Good For SEO?

Single Page Website, Is It Good For SEO?
January 5, 2018 Tommy Fabianus
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SEO is the method used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website on search engine result pages and an effort to maximize user traffic to the site. Basically, SEO needs a good website structure to be clear for optimization. There are, how a website is set up and how the website design looks like.

People asked that does having a single-page website is difficult to rank on SERP? And how do we make it in terms of SEO?

Make Your Website SEO-friendly

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Even though you have a one-page website, you can still optimize. Firstly, keyword planning and mapping. There’s important to research and map your keyword before you move to the next steps. With the single page, you have to pick and choose the best keywords for your limited content because long-tail keywords do not ensure that it will be getting to rank well. Secondly, you can mix some of the keywords that more relevant to your content.

Content Structure

content structure

The multi-page and single-page websites had a different structure of their content. Generally, the content on single-page sites lacks detail. But, you can set up the anchor links on your content with the relevant section. On the other hand, you might also optimize the page speed.

Single Page Site Not Suitable For Some Advanced SEO strategies

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There are many SEO strategies that we can practice. One of that strategies is called “siloing” or silo architecture. That is a system of information architecture for structuring your website into main categories which are important and relevant topics.

If you have single page site, it is not possible to do well. It will be disorganized due to many different topics on one page. The multi-page design is exactly much better for this strategy. To conclude, a single-page website is not as good for SEO as a multi-page website. For sure, go to the first place of SERP is needs too many efforts.

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