The Magic Marketing Tips

The Magic Marketing Tips
August 11, 2023 Tommy Fabianus
The Magic Marketing Tips

How Marketing Can Turn Trash into Gold (NOT!)

Oh, the wonderful world of business!  As a brand owner, you may have heard that marketing has fantastic skills, like turning a boring product into a shining success story.  But let’s be honest for a second: clever marketing can’t save a bad product.  Trying to sell something that isn’t very good is like giving a run-down building a new coat of paint and saying it’s a castle.  It’s still a building that’s falling apart.

(This is based on true stories from several of Essentials! Creative Agency clients and also a hard lesson learned on our part.)

The Magical Shadow

Imagine that your product, with all its obvious flaws and problems, is turned into a customer magnet by the magic of marketing.  Glitzy ads, catchy slogans, and influencers dancing around your flawed creation—what could possibly go wrong?  Well, everything.  Modern consumers are no fools.  They can see through the smoke and mirrors faster than you can say “limited-time offer.”

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Why Stop there?  Let’s Go Bigger.

Ah, the pleasure of seeing people go from being a little disappointed to being very upset.  When your marketing offers the moon and stars, but your product only gives you a pebble, you’ve just hit the jackpot of disappointment.  Your customers won’t just be upset; they’ll be more than happy to share their bad experiences on every social media site known to man.

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The Never-Ending Re-Marketing

But that’s not all!  Marketing isn’t just a one-time show when it comes to trying to save a bad product.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving: a never-ending tale of bad reviews, nasty comments, and memes that immortalize your product’s epic fail.  Congratulations, You’ve left a legacy, even if it wasn’t the one you wanted.

Good Use of Money… (NOT!)

Why spend money on developing new products and making them better if you can spend all your hard-earned money on selling lemons?  Who needs to fix the engine when you can keep painting fire on the side of the car?  Except that buyers don’t fall for it.  People won’t keep believing the lie forever, and you’ll be left with a trail of broken hopes.

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The Less Sarcastic Path

So, dear brand owner, instead of counting on marketing to save a ship that is sinking, why not focus on building a ship that doesn’t sink?  Quality, new ideas, and making sure customers are happy are the real keys to success.  Invest in making goods that make people happy and surprised, and you might find that your brand’s reputation becomes a shining beacon of trust and authenticity.

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In a Nutshell

Marketing is not a magic potion that can magically turn a frog into a prince in the business world.  It’s time to drop the sarcasm and embrace the reality: a bad product can’t be saved by good marketing.  So, stop fooling yourself with smoke and mirrors, get your hands dirty, and let quality and new ideas lead you to real success.  Your customers—and your reputation—will thank you for it.

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