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  • SEO Beyond Technicalities

    SEO: Beyond Technicalities

    First Crucial Step Before Any SEO Efforts: Understanding Your Business!   Many often associate SEO with technical jargon, algorithms, and…

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  • following viral content vs creating original content by essentials! digital agency

    Following Viral Content VS Creating Original Content

    Viral videos have emerged as a major trend in online content production in the age of social media. Every day,…

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  • creative masturbation by essentials digital agency

    Balancing Boundaries: The Role of Creativity in Supporting Marketing KPIs

    Creative marketing has long been known to attract attention, engage consumers, and boost company success. However, balancing original ideas with…

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  • Google-Indexing-SEO by Grab Essentials

    Insights About Mobile First-Index and How Does It Impact SEO

    Nowadays, Google is working constantly to keep search engines update about user needs. As we know that users rely on…

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  • branding tips

    Never Ignore These 5 Branding Strategy Tips!

    Branding for small businesses may seem easy, but it’s actually one of the hardest things to do in marketing. Branding…

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  • Ilustration

    The Website You Proposed is too Simple!

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    It is understandable that people will appreciate intricate more than something simple.

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  • Mobile Friendly Website by Grab Essentials


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        I made that kind of expression for the first 3 months running Essentials Indonesia. Coming from a print…

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  • rokue

    Bisnis Food & Beverage di Era Instagram

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    Taste good or looks good? or maybe both? Di masa dimana setiap individu, terutama kaum millenials berlomba-lomba melepaskan dahaga mereka…

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  • Whats UI UX

    What is UI/UX?

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    Always put yourself in your client’s perspective!

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  • Essentials! Shares The Latest Marketing Insights

    Essentials! Shares The Latest Marketing Insights with University Students

    I am Essentials! In an effort to give back to the community, digital marketing agency “Essentials!” held two online seminars…

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